Looking For A Forever Home?

Looking for A Forever Home?

After spending a lot of time at home recently, many of us are re-evaluating where we live.

Honeymoon Island: What Makes It So Special?

One of Florida’s best-loved state parks, Honeymoon Island, has more than four miles of pristine beach to explore along with a three-mile trail through one of the last remaining virgin slash p

Buying vs. Renting a Second Home in Greater Tampa Bay area

Buying vs. Renting a Second Home

Top 10 reasons to buy a second home in the Greater Tampa Bay area vs. renting one!

Selling Tips For First-Time Sellers

At first, selling your home seems daunting: You haven't sold a home before (or for a very long time), the market looks complex, and what worked before seems inappropriate today.

Do These Things Before Listing Your Home For Sale

Are you planning to sell your home within the next 3-6 months?  Even if your timeline is a little longer, you should start getting your home ready to shine now.